Fresh aubergine and tomatoe salsa! Home made is always the best. You know exactly what you put in your mouth!
Lunch a week ago! Snapper in green cabbage, spinach salad with hazelnuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, kiwi and chili and roasted rye bread with avocado!
Rye bread, avocado mashed with a little bit of cottage cheese, spinach with fresh coriander and tomatoes.
Best sandwich there is!
Step 3: Adding chopped beetroots and roasted flaxseeds. 
Making sandwiches to bring with me to my exam a couple of weeks ago!
Wheat grass and lemon juice for my green start of the day!
Last dinner I made, boild wholegrain “food wheat” (if you can call them that, I don’t know the proper word, thats the name in english when I used google translater lol), boild broccoli and ovenbaked chicken with ginger, cayenne pepper, little bit of honey and then just unsalted cashewnuts and a bit of himalayan pink salt sprinkled on top afterwards!
Love my veggies!
The other day my mother came home with a big stack of new lovely greens!
The biggest pack of fresh spinach, and some rocket salad and mache! 
Got to love my mother <3
Broccoli’s are good for you.