Tomatoe ragu with steamed (it’s actually microwaved! It only take 2 minutes), and low carb bread with cheese.

Challenge 2.0 and Live

Hello guys!

I’m having a blast with my friend who lives a few hours away, or, more then that. I’m in the north of Sweden and she’s doooown south. You know what I’m talking about, our CHALLENGE 2.0 of course. And I’m guessing nobody is doing it with us? Haha.

Well, it’s Thursday and I’m soon heading for my 7th workout out of 14. My body is tired, it aches, and I love every inche of my sore body.

I’ve got four days “off” now. I’ll be working out as you understand, writing a new CV (I went to such an inspirational lecture about how to write one) and I realised mine’s shit! It’s so crappy and I havn’t put enought effort or promoted myself correctly! I’ll be starting my studies for the course in Marketing and organisation that starts on Tuesday (advanced level), so excited! Got three books that all looks interesting.

Today I’ll be putting an hour on posting my recent eats for you guys. You need some inspiration to keep yourself on the right track of things! Easter is coming up, and you can be sure I’ll have some sweets. But with about 16 hours of training in one single week I believe I’ll be alright! I’m waking up in the middle of the night cause my body is screaming for more nutrition. I’ll be sure to bake my special brownies with almond flour and coconut oil. I’ll give you the recipe for that one aswell so you can make the choice of having sweets a little bit more nutritional!

Have a lovely day!
And don’t forget your affirmations! Remind yourself of how great you are everyday in the mirror!

Got any questions? Just shoot away, I would be so happy to get a little bit more respons from the 350+ people who are following me. Show that you havn’t just pressed the follow button and are actually here with me!



It’s funny how a few of you always drops off just because I don’t update for a few days. Its been a lot lately. Major hand ins, exam in Corporate Finance, etc etc. Next week will be fun, not that much in school. I’ll be focusing on my new challenge. Next week will consist of 12 hours of work out. My friend that I’m coaching and I decided that today. I’ve been helping her out for 3 weeks with mealplans or suggestions, workouts scheduled for her and inspiration from different sources. She feels energized, studies are going better, stronger and she has lost 4 kilos which is so much, I’m shocked, inspired and happy for her! And I’ve helped her along the way. Feels so cool.

Well, so 2 workouts per day is the plan. 60 minutes is one workout and I’ll be having two days where I only work out for 1 hour, “rest day”.

I’m back on track with food, which feels really good and I can feel the extra kilos coming off of me. Finally.

Saturday update

-Little bit nervous for the 21K workout plan. I’ve never had a run longer then 13,5 km. Thats the run where I got my hipinjury. 1.5 year ago and I still got problems with my precious hip.

-The reason for updating so little is that Im using my mothers computer nowadays. My Macbook is broken, I always need to have the charger to be able to use it and it’s annoying not being able to move my computer around in the house.

- I still am trying to find balance. I need to get back on track with my food intake. Comfort food isn’t alright. I’m tired of eating wholefoods and then chocolate inbetween my meals. It’s nog acceptable. I look myself in the mirror and I’m honestly thinking it’s alright, those extra kilos, they are fine. I still love my body. But I would kill to have a killer body if you know what I mean. But it doesn’t seam to be the right time for me to put pressure and cut the crap out. I’m just talking bullshit I know.

- I’m still going strong with intermittent fasting. Week 2.

- I’m planning to download some new music so I can make a new work out list for tomorrows killer workout. Havn’t been to the gym in 4 days. Lazy motherfucker. Summer is soon here, time to work it! I’m spending a month in Montpellier, meaning, beach everyday. I actually tried out my bikini today, it still fits, but could look much better in it.

- Still have to try out bikram yoga. And I miss kettlebell classes. Step classes. Spinning.. You name it! Everything where somebody screams to push it more. I’m great at doing that myself, but sometimes I just want somebody to take control. Like now, when I need a kick in the ass to step up my game. I’m telling myself everytday “Tomorrow will be it”. I’ll cut it all out. Go back to how I prepped my meals and all like in December last year. 69 kg HELLOOOO? I’m 76 kg and I’m only going up guys. Help me out. Scream at me, slap me. Tell me I need to love myself.

- Affirmations. YES! Everyday! Tell yourself things you want to come true. I’ll start tomorrow, I’ve done it a couple of times a week. But it’s time to make it a habit. Every morning and night I’ll tell myself I love myself in the mirror, looking myself deep in the eyes. And during the days I’ll be saying that “I live my live with purpose, doing the right choices through love to myself”. Pick your affirmation and start saying it! Lets make the world a better place to live in. It all will come true if you just want it bad enough! ANd work for it ;)


#3 of my postworkout meal the other day!
Base made of 2 eggs, coarse wheat bran flakes, 1 teaspoon pea protein and some water.
I had chicken filee, tomatoes, rocket salad and avocado on mine this time and some left over saus with the main ingrediens of shallots, sage, cream and some soy sauce. 


8 pieces of round bread/ 175 degrees (celsius)

1/2 kg of pealed carrots

2 dl almonds

2 dl sunflower seeds

2 dl pumpkin seeds

1 dl flaxseeds

4 eggs

Decoration: pumpkin and sunflower seeds

How to make them:

Put the oven on 175 degrees. Peel and finely grate the carrots. Mix all the nuts and seeds together with 3 dl of the grated carrots. Mix with the rest of the carrots in a mixer. Whip up the eggs and mix it with the carrots that are in the mixer then put it together witht he dough you have in a bowl. When that dough is all set you start to form it into small buns before putting them on a baking paper. You can garnish the buns with th seeds before baking them in 60 minutes in the oven.

Got any questions, just shoot away! I’m happy to answer you!

I like them best together with either quark or cream cheese, some himalayan salt and sliced cucumber and rocket salad! Or they are perfect on their own together with a salad!


Valentines Day!

It’s not only about showing love today to the once you love. I think it’s important to respect yourself to the degree that you can love yourself and be nice to yourself.

I finished my exam. I’ll pass but nothing more to that. 16 multiple choice questions, but combined in 2 questions. 1a-h and 2a-h. Then 3 case questions with a couple of questions to be answerd and analysed. To pass you needed to get B on 3 questions, one of them had to be a case question. And to get an A you had to get A on 4 out of 5 questions. And the multiple choice questions were considered a “pass” if you got 3 of them correct and an A if you got 7 out of 8 correct. Pretty hard I would say. Multiple choice is easy, but you have to be sure about your knowledge when they try to trick you.

I’m now sitting in my parentes double bed with the last day light pouring in. I’ve got some green organic tea, some 70% sea salt chocolate and some peanuts. I’ll treat myself cause I feel like it. I’ll soon start studying for my exam on Saturday, but I just feel like breathing for a bit. I can still feel that my body isn’t 100%. I get stressed out more easily, I almost started to cry on my way to the exam. Don’t ask me why. And the tension headache is overwhelming right now. It always comes over me right away, from nowhere. I’ll be glad when that exam on Saturday is done, wish me luck! I pray to God I’ll pass it. Then I’ll be ready to start the new course on Monday + our group essay in management control that we have to right in the same time. If I get an A on that, I also get an A in the course, which is my plan. So today I only had to pass. Next course will be finance, ugh. I hope there won’t be too much capital here, gross margin there and so on. I deteste it.

Well I lost track of my message to you. I just wanted to say, while everybody is focusing on there boyfriend/girlfriend today. And I’m single, and maybe you are to. Why not focus on yourself? If you don’t have a family to take care of, show yourself some love. Cook yourself your favourite meal, read or watch your favourite show. Whatever you do, do it without guilt. Treat yourself! I got a fantastic start to the day, I made my family happy by waking up at 6 and cooking breakfast and setting up the table. Had to say bye bye to Intermittent fasting to enjoy it with them, but just for today!


Lunch a week ago! Snapper in green cabbage, spinach salad with hazelnuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, kiwi and chili and roasted rye bread with avocado
Pukka Organic Tea.
Love them, tried out a new flavour the other day. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try it!

Sleep > Diet > Exercise

Day 3 of IF.

It’s hard. Yes. I feel a little bit more tired then usual. I havn’t even recovered from my stress symtomps since last semester. But my rule is to go to bed before 22. And it makes wonders. I’m less tired during the day, I just feel well rested. Yesterday I went to bed at 21.30 and woke up at 7.40. How many hours of sleep is that? Haha. I don’t even want to count, but I’m proud of myself. I’m taking the time to sleep. Which is much more important then exercise or diet. 

Step 2: Adding some fresh parsley to my salad.

Thoughts on a Saturday afternoon.

I’ve got a few followers now, it’s incresing every day. If all of you 343 people could just start saying "I’m happy/satisfied with my body", and use THAT as your ultimate reason for starting to change.


You should start by saying I AM satisfied, I AM happy with who I am, and how my body looks like. But I want to improve, I want to nurture my body and if I do it the correct way, it might change me inside out. INSIDE and out guys. It starts within. 

I tried that before, and I’m determined to go back to that. The reason to why I could stick to not eating sweets a whole year was because of the sole decision to make it out of love. I never felt deprived, I nurtured my body and I loved every inch of fat I had on my body. I knew why it was there. I had been consuming a lot of different foods for another reason then nuriting my body and soul. But that’s the past, and leave it to the past when trying to make a change. I’m talking to you right now as if I have an easy time doing this, but I dont. We all have to make an effort in the beginning, breaking our routines and starting new ones. Not as a diet, not as something we’re changing for a breaf time until we get the results and reach the goals we set up. See it as a lifestyle, that is the ONLY way to succeed with something. You do it for yourself. And in the end the only person who can help you change is the mindset you choose to have.

Okay guys?

So step one, what did I just say?

Start loving your body, and when you do love yourself, you’re ready to change. Every step you take in life should be done with selflove in the background.

I love you for whoever you are, but do you?

I’ll start loving myself, starting today.

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve decided to start with therapy, after a turbulent half year. I’ve learnt that I have to listen to myself and start loving more, love myself that is. Loving my surrounding. But it has to start within, I have to start with myself.

What’s important is that you’re not always able to do that yourself. Finding the reason to that empty hole inside of you. The hole I’m constantly trying to fill with food. Last year I somehow was able to not use sugar and processed food for that reason, but I made myself so busy I wouldn’t make time to reflect on what I was doing. I prolonged my healing, I filled my everyday life with lifting and eating whole foods. I felt good because I sticked to this plan. I did it really good. And that feeling of fullfilment to a plan, made my hole less obvious, less painful. But the pain was just numbed for the moment. I still didn’t make great progress. I still had a lot of food, food that was nutritious and good for my body. So I grew strong, but I never wanted tp focus on weight, cause it would be such a trigger for me. A trigger to (again) focus on amount, and that focus can sometimes make the reverse, make you eat more just because you so badly feel self hatred and hate towards the constant dieting and thoughts surrounding “I have to eat less to loose weight”. I don’t like that focus, I do not believe it’s healthy and it makes you focus on calories instead of nutrition. Which is not my intent. It will never be. 

So my “therapist” is rather a hollistic health coach and I admire this person so much, which makes it easier for a girl like me to open up. The first session was suppose to be 50 minutes, but ended up at 120 minutes. Two hours of telling her about my life, how I eat and live today and how I feel at this point and how I am as a person. 

The things she already said and told me to do at this initial meet up was great, I left her with such an immense feeling of something that seamed like relief. Relief of the thought that I’ll make it out okay in the end. But the path to that point will probably have to consist of a lot of painful feelings that have to come up to the surface to be able to leave it to the past.

I want to be ready to live in the now. In the present. I’m choosing the mindfull way of living. 

It’s so important what you let out in the world, your words, thoughts and actions. It will all come back to you. So your thoughts chould circle around the feeling and words that say you can. Cause you can do anything if you believe you can. And the power that surrounds you will help you to realise your dreams.

Making a green smoothie while I were on my 8 days detox.
Pukka organix wheat grass powder is a must in your cabin! Have teaspoon everyday!
Made 2 kg of fish this week for the family and a couple of lunch boxes to have for Uni. Snapper. Wasn’t my favourite but the topping of fresh coriander, chili and lime juice was a hit! Mixed with a salad and lentils, nom nom.