Day 2 without sweets. Progress. 

Day 2 on intermittent fasting. Finally.

So this is the only things that works for me, saying buy to my sweet tooth and jumping on the ride of 8 hours gaps of eating. I love the feeling of being able to eat meals at 12, 15-16 and then around 19-20. It hasn’t even been hard skipping breakfast in the morning. I sleep 30 minutes more, I drink a lot of water and one portion of aminoacids around 9-11 o’clock, when the worst hunger kicks in. It’s interesting cause it’s all a mental barrier. Last week, and the two weekends that’s been I’ve woken up at 6-7 o’clock when I worked out a lot and my body was screaming for food. But now, when I havn’t worked out for soon eleven days because of my sprained ancle, I can get used to intermittent fasting easily.

I had a couple of goals for my birthday this Friday, for example, being able to run 10K in 43 minutes. But that won’t happen now when I barely can walk. I wan’t to be able to do military lifts with 85kg, and I havn’t worked on that, I would probably be able to do one rep, but again I’ll wait with my ankle. 

I miss working out but I have to focus all my strenght on school. I have been so exhausted and felt so depressed the last couple of months, so I can’t multitask anymore. It takes so much energy to schedule in a work out everyday when I comute to University and the gym closes at 8. But I’ll be moving soon and be 3 minutes from Uni and 10-15 minutes from my favourite gym with LOTS of different classes like Yoga, Kettlebell, Afro dance and Step up AND spinning! I’ll be working out everyday for a month time and I’ll be in great shape! I know this is the week where I’ve made “the decision”. When I make decisions like this, it’s for real. I won’t quit this time. You can always feel it deep in your heart when you make them. Sometimes you make a decision cause it’s what people expect of you, it’s your ideal self image that kicks in, how you would like to perceive yourself. But then you actually become that person, and thats how I feel now. This is my actual self image. I’ll be true to myself, I will deny myself the guilt of compulsive eating, I will nurture my body with the right food.

Breakfast. Low carb bread with avocado, virgin olive oil, chili and a boild egg. 
Same! Salmon and tomatoe ragu
Tomatoe ragu with steamed (it’s actually microwaved! It only take 2 minutes), and low carb bread with cheese.
Be proud of yourselves even if you’ve gained 9 kg.
Awesome “take your time” breakfast.
My protein pancake, I’ve given you the recipe a trillions times by now. But what the heck, here you go again
Pancake recipe:
1 teaspoon of pea protein
2 eggs
a bit of water
AND add this if you want to:
3 teaspoons of your favourite protein powder. I usually add either banana or vanilla flavour, or a bit of both! 
Serve it with fruit, coconut flakes, flax seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, cottage cheese, yoghurt, almond/peanut/cashew butter. Whatevver you like!
LCHF pizza, the best I’ve ever tried! It’s my new favourite indulgement.
Friday is home made pizza time!
LCHF style. It’s made of eggs. cream and cheese (parmesan, mozzarella and gorgonzola) and turkey! 


I’m currently looking up the possibility to move back to London for summer. Might be longer, might not. We’ll see. I’m thinking about taking a break next semester and catch up on some of the courses I’ve failed on this semester and my statistic course from last year.

I’ve just signed on my lease for a student room so I’ll be moving the 1th of May, and I’ll have the last month of my semester spent 3 minutes from Uni. Which feels amazing! I’ve been taking the train everyday for the last 2 years. I don’t see it as a problem to rent out the room while I’m in London if I’ll be there next autumn. 

The thought of this makes me so excited. I need this. My heart tells me I need a break, I need to reboost myself. I need to get back to the place where I feel at home and alive.

I’ve gained so much weight lately (you’ve heard this before), I can’t control the way I eat, I don’t have the energy to do it while knowing it would make everything simpler. I would get more energy and feel better, it would make it easier studying hard. But all I want to do is stay in bed, all day. Which I never do. Today I havn’t done anything except staying in bed studying, writing a reflection on Paco Underhills book “Why we buy”. Pretty interesting but stresses me out to make the best chooses of examples and refer them to relevant theories from our book Consumer and organisational behaviour.

I started from the bottom

Once I was the skinny girl, and I hated it.

Then I got athletic.

Then I got a little bit chubby and wasn’t comfortable with it but I still looked kind of athletic, til I injured myself took on a lot of weight while deiling with an ED.

After that I stopped exercising and moved to London where I only exercised on the dancefloor, you would either find me drunk in one of West ends posh clubs or Ministry of Sound. I would eat kit kat as goodnight snack or a packet of sainsbury’s vinegar and salt crisps.

I got tired of this behaviour one day when I looked myself in the mirror with clear eyes, I saw the body this had given me. I stopped alcohol and comfort food for 3 months while my best friend was travelling, but I got back to the same behaviour when she got back, we continued partying while both tried to stay on top with working out. Exhausting.

Half year later I came back to Sweden and tried to get back on track to old routines with healthy whole foods and a couple of work outs per week. I then injured myself again and got told not to run for at least 3 months.

Devasted I started to lift more weights, and lift as heavy as possible, pushing myself.
It’s been a year today from when I found my passion for weightlifting. I’ve learned a lot both about training, nutrition and myself. I’ve done progress and I’ve relapsed in to ED behaviour while being totally aware of it and knowing it’s only a phase to step out of.

Which I now have. During the last 3 weeks I’ve come back stronger then before. I’m challenging myself everyday. And I hope with every inche of my body that this year, 2013, will lead me to success and great progress.

I’ve got no doubt about it!


Challenge 2.0 and Live

Hello guys!

I’m having a blast with my friend who lives a few hours away, or, more then that. I’m in the north of Sweden and she’s doooown south. You know what I’m talking about, our CHALLENGE 2.0 of course. And I’m guessing nobody is doing it with us? Haha.

Well, it’s Thursday and I’m soon heading for my 7th workout out of 14. My body is tired, it aches, and I love every inche of my sore body.

I’ve got four days “off” now. I’ll be working out as you understand, writing a new CV (I went to such an inspirational lecture about how to write one) and I realised mine’s shit! It’s so crappy and I havn’t put enought effort or promoted myself correctly! I’ll be starting my studies for the course in Marketing and organisation that starts on Tuesday (advanced level), so excited! Got three books that all looks interesting.

Today I’ll be putting an hour on posting my recent eats for you guys. You need some inspiration to keep yourself on the right track of things! Easter is coming up, and you can be sure I’ll have some sweets. But with about 16 hours of training in one single week I believe I’ll be alright! I’m waking up in the middle of the night cause my body is screaming for more nutrition. I’ll be sure to bake my special brownies with almond flour and coconut oil. I’ll give you the recipe for that one aswell so you can make the choice of having sweets a little bit more nutritional!

Have a lovely day!
And don’t forget your affirmations! Remind yourself of how great you are everyday in the mirror!

Got any questions? Just shoot away, I would be so happy to get a little bit more respons from the 350+ people who are following me. Show that you havn’t just pressed the follow button and are actually here with me!



It’s funny how a few of you always drops off just because I don’t update for a few days. Its been a lot lately. Major hand ins, exam in Corporate Finance, etc etc. Next week will be fun, not that much in school. I’ll be focusing on my new challenge. Next week will consist of 12 hours of work out. My friend that I’m coaching and I decided that today. I’ve been helping her out for 3 weeks with mealplans or suggestions, workouts scheduled for her and inspiration from different sources. She feels energized, studies are going better, stronger and she has lost 4 kilos which is so much, I’m shocked, inspired and happy for her! And I’ve helped her along the way. Feels so cool.

Well, so 2 workouts per day is the plan. 60 minutes is one workout and I’ll be having two days where I only work out for 1 hour, “rest day”.

I’m back on track with food, which feels really good and I can feel the extra kilos coming off of me. Finally.

Learn to love yourself!
I’m starting with the affirmation “I love you” every morning and night. Looking myself in the mirror saying it. I’ll give it a month and I think or KNOW, it will do wonders!!
#3 of my postworkout meal the other day!
Base made of 2 eggs, coarse wheat bran flakes, 1 teaspoon pea protein and some water.
I had chicken filee, tomatoes, rocket salad and avocado on mine this time and some left over saus with the main ingrediens of shallots, sage, cream and some soy sauce. 
Yummy for my tummy!